For the person working on a small budget and for the most part wants to stay anonymous or just don’t feel comfy talking to people for whatever reason ,  this is the ultimate way to make some Not only quick but long lasting Bucks as a business model, Just Imagine... setting up ton's of these???

RK give’s all the information you need to get started making profits in no time! I mean you really can start making bank tomorrow after reviewing this course… Bam…. I do recommend to the smart people reading this review not to just buy this ((But really get into the back end Its all here))

Dan Hornburg

R.K.'s Hermit Marketing is simple and ridiculously powerful. It knocks out the complexity of getting clients and just lets me do what I do best, get the phone ringing!

John Bendever

The HMS is a sneaky good way to tap into offline marketing without the hassles associated with chasing prospects. I have heard of this model but never actually pursued it before.

What you get are 3 simple videos that walk you the concept, the setup and 3 ways to generate sales with no personal contact with the clients. I personally, believe that method 2 and 3 could easily results in big paydays because it's so easy to scale.

James Martin

Dear Warrior,

RK Beard Profile
After losing all of my SEO clients after the Penguin updates I had to redesign my business.

So I focused on creating assetts that I could have complete ownership of that would continue to pay out even if one of my clients decided they wanted to "move on" and try other things.

Once I changed my business model and started to get results I began the process of contacting businesses to see if they wanted to work with me.

So I would follow this basic 7 step process:

1. choosing which market I wanted to work with
2. then I would use some sort of direct response marketing to get business owners to call me
3. I would educate them on the opportunity
4. give them an offer that was hard to refuse
5. invoice them
6. get results
7. follow up

In the process you will always have bumps along the way. One business won't pay their invoice and you have to follow up with them over and over. Other business owners won't like the results you're getting them becaue they had unrealistic expectations. Still others will just want to move on and then you have to start the process all over again.

Not that it's hard to sell the results you're just takes time and dealing with some of these crazy business owners gets a little old.

Not only that, I work from my home office and I have 2 little girls.

I still remember the time when I was on a call with a business owner and my daughter kept yelling at me "Dad...I need to make doodoo!" over and over again.

So what if there was a way to eliminate steps #1-5 and eliminate #7 as well?

1. choosing which market I wanted to work with
2. then I would use some sort of direct response marketing to get business owners to call me
3. I would educate them on the opportunity
4. give them an offer that was hard to refuse
5. invoice them
6. get results
7. follow up

What if you could have a sales team working for you, doing the lead generation, making calls, talking with business owners, getting contracts signed, and doing all of the follow up and customer service?

Better yet, what if they would do all of this work for you for FREE?!

That's what the Hermit Marketing System is.

I have found a number of companies that are looking for marketers like you and me to just get them results!

  • The best part is you never have to talk with a business owner ever!
  • You don't have to make cold calls ever!
  • You don't have to send out a direct mail piece ever!
  • Let Your Kids Yell About DooDoo All Day Long!
  • Basically you can stay a hermit in your mom's basement, never seeing the light of the sun and still make money!

So here's what you're gonna get.

Module 1

This module is all about showing you where to find these sales teams that will work for you for nuthin.

  • I'll show you where they're at, how to sign up and I'll show you the offers I like to look for.
  • You'll discover the copy I use in my application to get companies to want to work with me.
  • You'll learn how to protect yourself if one company's offer expires so you're not going to lose any money from the results you're getting.

Module 2

Is All about Getting Results!  I will show you 3 different strategies you can implement to get the phone to ring so you can get paid.

  • 2 of the strategies you can implement without even having a website.
  • The first strategy you can get approved for an offer today and start getting calls today. You won't have to pay for any traffic, or post anything on facebook or any of that stuff.
  • Another strategy you will learn a little seo trick I learned to get page 1 rankings without building any backlinks whatsover.
  • A simple wordpress plugin that makes getting local rankings easy
  • How to leverage massive domain authority to take advantage of the Google love this site is already getting

Here's what one of our beta testers had to say about the training:

Full disclosure - I have received a review copy of this product:

I was interested in the Hermit Marketing course because sometimes I just don't want to have to deal with people to make money. Although I enjoy the art of sales, I don't like

to HAVE to sell if that makes sense. So being able to generate leads without dealing with cold calling or driving around all day visiting local businesses was very appealing

to me.

Having gone through the Hermit Marketing training course videos, I can see that I can now accomplish this! Just a warning, this is not a get rich quick scheme - although some

of the steps are easy and free to implement, in order to truly scale up to a full time income with this method you would need to put the work in or spend some money

outsourcing. But this is the type of thing that once you're set up you can monitor/update right from your cell phone!

Not to give too much away, RK goes into full detail on why owning your asset is the most important part of being in business for yourself, how to skip the whole sales process

and just get the leads ($$), where to find buyers for the leads, how to apply, how to write high converting ads, what kinds of offers to target and who to target the offer to

for the best conversions and success, how to track your results, how to retain your asset, and so much more.

He takes you through the process start to finish so by the end of the video series you have what you need to get started building an asset for yourself. I will be

implementing these action items and reporting back with my results!!

Marc Rosenkrans

How Much?

If you're like me you scrolled all the way down here to check out the price before you read what the course is even about.

I get it...

But there is a method to my madness.

1. This is the first WSO I have ever released so I wanted to make sure I would give you something that could really help you.

2. I obviously can't leave it at the WSO price forever...So make sure you pick this up now! I might change the price any day.

3. I like to help fellow offline marketers like myself spend more time with their families and not having to deal with crazy people.

This System Works!

One of our Beta Test students took the information in this training and is getting leads every single day. He even went as far as firing a couple of his current clients so he could focus primarily on the Hermit Method.

But if for some strange reason you're not able to take this information and run with it, or you weren't satisfied for whatever reason you're protected by my...

100% Money Back Guarantee

The first guarantee is dedicated support. If you have any problems, day or night, 24/7 simply email me at and I will help you in whatever way I can.

The second one is the “100% Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee.” Try this system for 30 days. If for any reason, or no reason at all, you want your money back, just let me
know… And I’ll promptly return every penny of your purchase – no questions asked.

If you're one of the early adopters you can get the entire Hermit Marketing System for only $7.

Get the Hermit Marketing System Right Now

Hermit Marketing System

If you sign up now I will throw in 4 special bonuses!

Bonus #1- Hermit Marketing Mastermind Group

I have setup a special Hermit Marketing mastermind on Facebook where you can interact with Me and other marketers just like yourself to share and swap ideas on how to really
make this work for your business.

Bonus #2- Special Q & A Webinar Recording

I did a special webinar just for people in the Hermit Marketing community answering all their questions, sharing with you some of the strategies I'm using to get leads for companies, how I'm able to get sites ranked in Google for competitive keywords quickly, and whatever else you wanted to talk about.

Bonus #3- Hermit Interview

One of our fellow Hermits John has been doing the Hermit Marketing System for 2 weeks now and is already getting 10-12 leads a day!  In this inteview John shares what he’s doing, how he’s doing it and even shares some of his secrets for getting Videos ranked for keywords in less than 30 days.  He even shares how he got a video to rank on the 1st page of Google in just a couple minutes! 

Bonus #4- Unique Traffic Strategy

In this video I show you how I was able to get 1000 targeted views of my offer in 2 Days for only $20.

I guarantee you’re going to love this training. You’ll probably be like a couple of our beta testers who thought to themselves “This is so simple. Why didn’t I think about
this before?!” Just think of all the possibilities…And remember, you have until April 3 to get in on the early bird discount.

Many Blessings to You!

RK Castillo